About Me

Gabriela, also goes by Gabi was born in Lima, Peru, and raised in Toronto, Canada from the age of two, and you guessed it, she is bilingual in English and Spanish. Arnprior is her new home, alongside her husband Joel, born and raised in the “Prior”, and their son Joaquin, born and growing up in the great Ottawa Valley. Gabriela is lucky to call all of these places home, which has expanded her growth, experiences, and personality.

Gabriela was an Event Planner for 10 years working on large-scale events for high-level sponsors. So, why Real Estate? Real Estate sparked her interest 4 years ago, after going through the process of moving from Toronto to Arnprior. Moving from a big city to a small town, searching and looking not for a house but a home and community! The adventure was interesting, and after looking and going through many listings, the research and planning for her next steps began.

Gabriela plans to use her expertise as an Event Planner to carry out high-level Real Estate Services as a Realtor®. She loves logistics, helping people, and seeing them happy by bringing their ideas to life, and she plans to achieve the same for her clients in finding the right home.