• Performing a comparative market analysis of similar homes in the area ensuring your property is completively priced

  • Curating a descriptive property profile to attract potential buyers. This can include, important information about the property, interesting facts, photos and videos to ensure your home stands out!

  • Marketing and promoting the property through various websites, social media platforms, signage, open houses, and with any contacts that may be interested.

  • Will give you reassurance by keeping you updated in whole process by answering questions and concerns, suggesting options to get your home market ready, and confirming satisfaction after your home has sold!


It’s important that your home looks it’s best when you’re trying to sell. So that’s why I always use a professional photographer when listing your home.


  • Whether its your first home, or a new home, I will make sure to walk you through the process, to create an enjoyable experience.

  • Create a client profile to find out what you’re looking for in a property, and what the most important features you need in a home. The profile will be updated along the way to reflect any changes of interest in the details you looking for in a property in order to find you the home of your dreams!

  •  Resolving any concerns and challenges that may arise during the process of purchasing a home